Algy Creating 4th Wall Percussion Inaugural Uniforms

From 4th Wall: "4th Wall Performing Arts is proud to announce that we're teaming up with Algy by DeMoulin™! We're working together to create custom uniforms and apparel for our inaugural season. We're extremely excited to be working with the oldest and largest maker of custom marching band apparel, as well as being part of Algy by DeMoulin's reintroduction into the market. This move was paramount in forming amazing opportunities for creativity for ourselves and the Algy team. Be on the lookout for a uniform reveal!"

4th Wall Percussion is a competitive performance ensemble based in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Their upcoming season will span from the Fall of 2021 through the Spring of 2022. Plans include performing locally in TriState Marching Arts (TMA) as well as within Winter Guard International (WGI) in the Percussion Independent World Class. Visit to learn more.