A Point of View: Four types of anxiety, and how to cure them

Anxious by nature, Adam Gopnik has spent years looking for cures for his constant worrying.

I returned home to New York this week, after reporting trips to London and Paris, to find the city in a mild panic about…. Ebola. Now, Ebola is one of those things that really are worth having a panic about – a horrible and highly infectious fatal disease of mysterious vectors. On the list of things to worry about, this is real – unlike whether Chelsea’s Diego Costa was fit enough to play Manchester United (another item on my worry list).

But how to worry – and how not to – that’s the question. I am a professional worrier, anxious by vocation, one thumb always hovering above the panic button. I am so quick on the iPhone keyboard that, in London, riding the rising midnight tide of a toothache, it took me no more than 30 seconds to find an all-night dental clinic on Baker Street – not far, I noted (still a tourist at heart), from Sherlock Holmes’s lodgings.

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